Unlimited Potential Coaching

your goals, supported.

Welcome to Unlimited Potential Coaching:

Your goals: supported.

Do you need support to reach your best potential? 

Struggling with scheduling, time-blindness, executive function? 

Unlimited Potential offers  Johannesburg-based coaching and learning support. 

I will work with you to make an achievable and balanced life plan, keep you on track and accountable for your processes. I provide support in all other areas of life management so you can focus on your business, school or academic roadmap.

Our professional service allows you to focus, clarify and devise an action plan to reach those aims. 

For more information: contact me and make an appointment.




Office hours

Office hours

Mon  Monday:   07:00-16:00
Tue  Tuesday:   09:00-18:00
Wed  Wednesday:   07:00-14:00
Thu  Thursday:   09:00-18:00
Fri  Friday:   7:00-18:00
Sat  Saturday:   07:00-11:00

Appointments should be weekly, same time each week, on agreement.


 Address: in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Coaching works best when sustained, so weekly sessions over at least 12 weeks works. 


We are Proudly South African